Quality care and attention for your cat

Entrust your cat to a cattery that cares if you are going on a business trip. Willow Tree Cattery in Sheffield offers long-term boarding at our purpose-built centre. Please read our terms and conditions for more details. Contact us today.
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Boarding checklist

We know leaving your cat can be an anxious time, so we have provided a quick checklist below to help you remember all those important details:

Vaccination certificate
Please make sure the annual injections are up to date before your cat’s stay, as we cannot accept any cat who arrives without a current certificate.

Prescription foods
Please remember to bring these with you if applicable.

Prescription medication
All medication must be clearly labelled with the cat’s name and administrative instructions.

Flea treatment
Please make sure your cat has had all their relevant flea treatments within at least a week of boarding with us (even if they are house cats). Supermarket flea treatments and collars may not be an effective means of treating your cat.

For safety reasons, please remove collars prior to your cat’s stay with us. Please make sure your cat arrives in a secure carrier.

All cats are welcome at our cattery. Call us on

01246 433 324